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Anyone who listens to the show on a regular basis knows that I adore Roy Orbison and this is why: First there’s the voice. It transcends generations by singing of universal longings that touch the heart. His voice sends quivers through my spine: part country, part rock and part pop, it’s a voice that reaches something approaching perfection.

Then there are the songs: a world defined by dreams yet rooted in reality, songs that teach us something about our own vulnerability. Songs of loss and desire and loneliness and, yes, songs about love.

Roy Orbison was born on April 23, 1936 in Vernon Texas,  the middle son of Orbie Lee Orbison, an oil well driller and car mechanic, and Nadine Shultz, a nurse. He was creating music as young as 6 or 7. We played interviews throughout the program, many from Roy himself and he covered his childhood, learning guitar from his father and uncle, his time at Sun Records, why he started wearing sunglasses on stage and whether he was really lonely, amongst other things. Rather than repeat all that here, let me remind you that you can listen to the Theme Park wherever you are by using your internet connection. Go to and press the listen button.   You should hear the show in real time via your iTunes or other media player. Theme Park airs on Tuesdays 2-4pm (that’s Sydney, Australia time).

So back to the music.  First up it was OOBIE DOOBIE, recorded with the Teen Kings in 1956. We followed with CLAUDETTE, a song about Orbson’s first wife, Claudette Frady. The track was recorded in 1958. Claudette died tragically in a motocycle accident in 1966. We followed with ONLY THE LONELY written by Roy Orbison and Joe Melson and recorded by Orbison in 1960; it was his first major hit. Here he is performing in Australia in the 60’s:

Then it was a great triple play: BLUE ANGEL, I’M HURTIN’ and RUNNING SCARED. We also included the song LOVE HURTS,  originally recorded by the Everly Brothers in 1960. Roy Orbison’s version was issued as the B-side to RUNNING SCARED which was a #1 hit, in 1961. Here’s a rare clip of Roy and his band, The Candymen, taken from a Dutch Tv Show from 1965. The concert was from the Singer Concert Zaal in Laren, Holland, during their European tour.

We had to include the next three songs from the early sixties: CANDY MAN, DREAM BABY, (about the birth of his second son with Claudette)  and WORKING FOR THE MAN – a song about a Summer he worked in the Texan oil fields alongside his father.

By 1963 Orbison was touring extensively throughout the UK, Europe and Australia with The Beatles, The Stones and the Beach Boys. We played a  couple of love ballads from that  era: FALLING and IT’S OVER.

Roy also filled us in on his time, while on tour,  with the Rolling Stones and how PRETTY WOMAN influenced them to write Satisfaction. PRETTY WOMAN, of course, went on to be a big hit and was destined to become Orbison’s signature song. Here’s a great piece of kitch from the 70’s: An American TV variety show called Pink Lady and Jeff. Pink Lady was a popular singing duo from Japan brought to America for the show.  Comedian Jeff Altman was the cohost. Worth watching just to see Roy struggling to keep a straight face and also for the 70’s fashion.

I rarely dedicate a whole show to one performer. The only other time was a tribute to Michael Jackson. But, in my opinion, Orbison is one of the great rock and rollers: a forceful, yet gentle, voice capable of dynamic crescendos. He sang both heartbroken ballads and bluesy rock numbers, running up a formidable hit streak in the early Sixties. From the release of ONLY THE LONELY in 1960 to PRETTY WOMAN,  a span of four years, Orbison cracked the Top Ten nine times.

Orbison’s most memorable performances were lovelorn melodramas, in which he emoted in a brooding tremulous voice. The melancholy in his songs resonated with listeners of all ages.  IT’S OVER is one great example of that style. Another is CRYING. It was great to hear how he came to write that song and we listened to the version he re-recorded with kd lang in 1987.  It went on to win them a Grammy Award.

After his first wife Claudette’s death in 1966, Orbison threw himself into work, which included starring in the film THE FASTEST GUITAR ALIVE, and he continued to tour. In the late 1960s, however, music was very much a part of the psychedelic movement. Orbison felt lost, later saying “[I] didn’t hear a lot I could relate to so I kind of stood there like a tree where the winds blow and the seasons change, and you’re still there and you bloom again.”

During a tour of England in 1968 he received news that his home in Tennessee had burned down and his two eldest sons had died. The property was sold to Johnny Cash, who planted an orchard on it. On March 25, 1969, Orbison married his second wife, Barbara Jacobs, and they had two children of their own.

During the 70’s several artists released covers of Orbison’s songs that performed very well. LOVE HURTS was remade by Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris, and again by heavy metal band Nazareth and Sonny James sent ONLY THE LONELY to # 1 on the country music charts.

Linda Ronstadt covered BLUE BAYOU in 1977, which went to No. 3 and stayed on the charts for 24 weeks. And later that year, Orbison and Emmylou Harris won a Grammy Award for their duet THAT LOVIN’ YOU FEELIN’ AGAIN. WAYMORES BLUES is from the Class of 55 album with Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins. While the album was in part a tribute to Elvis Presley, it was mainly a commemoration of those young performing hopefuls who came to Sun Records  in 1955 to make music in the new era o Rock and Roll.

During the 80’s Orbison participated in a number of movie soundtracks. We played two of the most prominent: LIFE FADES AWAY from the film Less Than Zero, starring Robert Downie Jnr and IN DREAMS, from the controversial film by David Lynch, BLUE VELVET.

Orbison’s return to the public eye really began in earnest in 1987 with his induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the taping of a tribute concert, Black and White Night. The concert featured such disciples as Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Costello, kd lang and Bonnie Raitt and was produced by T. Bone Burnett. Here’s a clip from the DVD. The song is UPTOWN.

It was a great pleasure to include a 7 minute interview with members of the supergroup of all supergroups: THE TRAVELLING WILBURYS: Roy Orbison, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne and George Harrison. The year was 1988. We also included the song, HANDLE WITH CARE, from the album The Travelling Wilburys Vol 1.

In the same year Orbison was recording a major comeback album, Mystery Girl. It was awaiting release when Orbison suddenly died of a heart attack on December 6, 1988.  The album was finalized for release in the weeks following his death through the collaborative efforts of several artists who were all friends and admirers. The album, MYSTERY GIRL, was named after the chorus from the track SHE’S A MYSTERY TO ME, written for Orbison by U2’s Bono and The Edge.

The album was released posthumously in 1989 and would join Travelling Wilburys Vol 1 on the Billboard chart. The dual success meant that Roy Orbison joined Elvis Presley as the only two singers to simultaneously have two Top 5 albums on the Billboard chart posthumously, at that time. (This record has now been smashed by Michael Jackson who dominated the Billboard Top 10 albums when he passed away this year).

But back to Roy: Mystery Girl was extremely well received and went on to become the highest-charting album of his career. We took a listen to SHE’S A MYSTERY TO ME and YOU’VE GOT IT from that album. Rather than show a performance clip, take a look at Bono and others talking about the writing and recording process of the album. Roy sings SHE’S A MYSTERY TO ME as background to the story.

There was time for more of Roy commenting on how he would like to be remembered: “I’d just like to be remembered. If my contribution to the music scene brought someone some happiness or helped them keep things together, then that would be great.” A medley of some of Roy’s best loved tunes then closed the show: I DROVE ALL NIGHT, OH PRETTY WOMAN, LANA and HEARTBREAK RADIO.

When Elvis Presley stated that Roy Orbison is “The world’s greatest singer”, we know that he wasn’t kidding, that’s for sure.

Next week: We’re going back to THE SUMMER OF LOVE. Yes, its all love beads, incense, tambourines and the great music of the Summer of 67. Peace man.Contact me if you have any suggestions. Meanwhile, here is this week’s playlist:

Childhood – Roy Orbison Interview

Ooby Dooby – Roy Orbison Interview

Ooby Dooby  –  Roy Orbison

Claudette – Roy Orbison

Only The Lonely – Roy Orbison

Loneliness – Roy Orbison Interview

Blue Angel – Roy Orbison

I’m Hurtin’ – Roy Orbison

Running Scared – Roy Orbison

Love Hurts – Roy Orbison

Candy Man – Roy Orbison

Dream Baby – Roy Orbison

Working For The Man – Roy Orbison

Leah – Roy Orbison

Sunglasses – Roy Orbison

Mean Woman Blues – Roy Orbison

Falling – Roy Orbison

It’s Over – Roy Orbison

Oh, Pretty Woman – Roy Orbison

Crying – Roy Orbison interview

Crying – Roy Orbison & kd lang

Blue Bayou – Linda Ronstadt

That Lovin’ You Feelin’ Again – Roy Orbison with Emmylou Harris

Waymore’s Blues – Roy Orbison with Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins (Class of 55)

Life Fades Away – Roy Orbison

In Dreams – Roy Orbison

Uptown – Roy Orbison

Travelling Wilburys  interview

Handle With Care -Traveling Wilburys

She’s A Mystery To Me – Roy Orbison

You Got It – Roy Orbison

Being Remembered – Roy Orbison interview

Medley: I Drove All Night/Oh, Pretty Woman/Lana/Heartbreak Radio – Roy Orbison

Next week: SUMMER OF LOVE (1967)

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Lovin’ & Losin’: Part Two

Whew! December 2 and fifth show already – another biggie. More songs about Lovin’ and Losin’. It’s basically what lifes’ about isn’t it? I read somewhere, (and I honestly don’t remember where now), that the two big questions that rule our lives are “Do you love me?” and “Who’s in control?”. Think about it. 

The Captain (advisor to the lovelorn) was our guest again this week and he had us in stitches. I was greatly impressed when we ran out of questions from our listeners and he was able to recite from memory some hilarious lyrics from a TISM (This Is Serious Mum), song. They are an alternative rock band from Melbourne and my mission now is to get hold of some of their music for future shows. Here for your enjoyment (and the Captain’s) is their 2006 video ‘Everyone Else Had More Sex Than Me’. 

I really loved all the music this week. But I always do. Part Two of Lovin’ & Losin’ delivered everyone from Julie London to Led Zep. Here’s the playlist:

I’m In The Mood For Love  Julie London

Love Love Love  The Clovers

Thirty Second Lover  The Five Royales (in response to last week’s Sixty Minute Lover which some of our male listeners found a little intimidating but the girls thought was quite inspirational!)

The Glory of Love  The Five Keys

Don’t Know Much About History – Sam Cooke

A Teenager In Love  Dion & The Belmonts (dedicated to the schoolies in town celebrating end of high school)

My Boyfriend’s Back  The Angels

Chapel Of Love  The Dixie Cups

Mama Talk To Your Daughter  Magic Sam

All Your Love  John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers (with Eric Clapton) 

Chain Of Fools  Aretha Franklin

Gimme All Your Lovin Or I Will Kill You  Macy Gray

Wake Up Alone  Amy Winehouse

I’m Not In Love  10cc

When You’re in Love with a Beautiful Woman  Dr. Hook

Cupid  Sam Cooke

Dearest  Buddy Holly

Anyone Else But You  The Moldy Peaches

Good Lovin’  The Rascals

Stoned Love  The Supremes

You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me  Dusty Springfield

You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’  The Righteous Brothers

Only The Lonely  Roy Orbison

Wild Thing  The Troggs

Gimme Some Lovin’  Steve Winwood (Spencer Davis Group)

I Heard It Through The Grapevine  Paul Weller & Amy Winehouse

Gimme Gimme Good Lovin’  Crazy  Elephant 

Whole Lotta Love  Led Zeppelin 

Next week we’re focusing on Summer – lots of music from the 60’s. We’re talkin’ beach, summer flings, ice-cream, surfing. Did I say ice-cream?

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Lovin’ & Losin’: Part One

A huge topic. So much so that I decided from the get-go to take it over two shows. Is it possible that all songs somehow are about Lovin’ and/or Losin? Could be, based on the enormous task of choosing songs for these two shows. Mammoth!

The first part of the Lovin’ & Losin’ show, on November 25, introduced a new guest to our listeners. ‘The Captain’ came in to give advice to the lovelorn and proved to be a big hit, even though his advice was unorthodox, to say the least!

My discovery this week was C.W. Stoneking who I saw at the Mullumbimby Music Festival. Incredible. Hard to describe but very influenced by 20’s and 30’s blues. I was knocked out by his album Jungle Blues. I included his song The Love Me or Die in the show. I’ve included here a great little clip from You Tube where C.W. sings Ragged and Dirty and also gives us some insight into what he is about. Enjoy!

We also had lots of other great songs (of course – why play stuff you don’t like when there is such a great amount of fantastic music out there?). I try to give some background info wherever possible,  to help navigate our listeners through the playlist. Here’s an item for you:

Percy Mayfield’s famous recording Please Send Me Someone To Love was a #1 R&B hit single in 1950. It was widely influential and recorded by many other singers. The song is a brilliant combination of sensitivity to wider issues of conflict in the world and the very personal need for love.  A 1952 auto accident left him seriously injured, including a facial disfigurement that limited his performing. However, that did not stop his prolific songwriting. His career continued to flourish with songs like Strange Things Happening, Lost Love, What a Fool I Was, Prayin’ for Your Return, Cry Baby, and Big Question.


Here’s the complete playlist:

Let’s Do It (Let’s Fall In Love)  Eartha Kitt lyn-the-captain

I’m in Love Again  Fats Domino 

Singing The Blues  Guy Mitchell 

He Will Break Your Heart   Jerry Butler 

Please Send Me Someone To Love  Percy Mayfield

Sixty Minute Man  Billy Ward & His Dominoes

Fools Fall In Love  The Drifters

Your Cheatin Heart  Hank Williams

I Ain’t Got No Business Doin’ Business Today Razzy Bailey 

Hallelujah I Love Her So  Ray Charles

I’m Gonna Make You Love Me  The Supremes With The Temptations

And I Love Her  The Beatles

Love Is Strange  Mickey & Sylvia

Love potion No. 9  The Clovers

Double Crossing Blues  The Johnny Otis Quintette with Little Esther & The Robins

The Love Me Or Die  C.W. Stoneking

I’ll Never Fall In Love Again  Tom Jones 

How Sweet it is (to be loved by you) – Marvin Gaye

Love the One You’re With  Luther Vandross

Unchained Melody  Al Green

All I Want Is You  Barry Louis Polisar

Never Be Anyone Else But You  Ricky Nelson

Love Hurts  Roy Orbison

Crazy Love  Ray Charles & Van Morrison

Love Is A Losing Game  Amy Winehouse

What Becomes of the Broken Hearted  Jimmy Ruffin 

I Need Love  Little Richard

I’m In The Mood  John Lee Hooker & Bonnie Raitt

Take Another Little Piece of My Heart –  Janis Joplin

Next week: Part Two of Lovin’ & Losin. 

Meanwhile, a couple of love quotes for you:

At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet – Plato      

Like the measles, love is most dangerous when it comes late in life – Lord Byron

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