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Our theme this week was a no brainer as the show aired on Australia Day, or ‘Invasion Day’ as some of us like to call it. It seemed appropriate that our show focus on Australian/homegrown music, so we opened with Gangajang and SOUNDS OF THEN (THIS IS AUSTRALIA). Then it was Icehouse with GREAT SOUTHERN LAND.  Is this song quintessentially Australian, or what?

More classic Australiana followed with Sherbert and HOWZAT, Cold Chisel’s FLAME TREES and, rounding out the triple play, EAGLE ROCK from the ever brilliant Daddy Cool. Ross Wilson, Ross Hannaford et al, at their peak. Here’s the official clip from 1971:

Archie Roach is a singer and songwriter of amazing strength and insight. A story teller in the tradition of his ancestors, Archie conveys intimate real life stories as well as traditional stories of the Dreaming. Having survived a personal history that would have left most artists scarred and defeated, Archie Roach has emerged as an extraordinarily gifted Australian artist with a truly visionary talent. I chose to play TOO MANY BRIDGES, from the 2007 album Journey.

Yilila’s track E DHUMBALA is from their CD Digipack EP, Aeroplane, released in 2006. With their unique brand of Traditional/reggae/rock music, they have to be one of my favourite Indigenous bands. Unfortunately this track wasn’t available as a video clip, but I encourage you to check them out.

I’m also loving the group Tinpan Orange. Emily Lubitz, Jessie Lubitz and Alex Burkoy are all very talented but Emily’s voice is so seductive. Try and get hold of their new album THE BOTTOM OF THE LAKE and take a listen to the track of the same name.

Next up it was Thirsty Merc and SOMEDAY, SOMEDAY. Bit of trivia for you: The band’s name came from a gas guzzling Mercedes Benz belonging to the band members, with the numberplate ‘THRSTY’.

One of my all time favourites, and one the tracks I had to play again from last year’s All Australian show, is the Saints song (I’M) STRANDED. Equally, The Easybeats had to get another run, but this year I thought I’d give FRIDAY ON MY MIND a rest and instead we heard another standard of theirs: WEDDING RING.

Nostalgia was hitting hard when Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs delivered MOST PEOPLE I KNOW THINK THAT I’M CRAZY and Men At Work rounded out the first hour of the show with the iconic Aussie anthem, DOWN UNDER.

The Living End asked  a question that may have been on everyone’s lips: WHAT’S ON YOUR RADIO? Mate! All Australian, homegrown, classics. No less. And we needed some female rock energy to bring some balance into the day’s playlist. Can’t get better that Chrissie Amphlett and The Divinyls with SCIENCE FICTION.

Anyone remember The Beasts of Bourbon?  LET’S GET FUNKY is from their 1990 album ‘Black Milk’. Tex Perkins, you are one radical dude.

Their’s been lots of tripping down memory lane, so I thought I would throw in the occasional contemporary recording, like Empire of the Sun and of their best,  HALF MAST. Of course, with a baby boomer creating the playlist, it wasn’t long before we returned to the oldies, (but goodies!). My favourite Crowded House track is DON’T DREAM THAT IT’S OVER and we followed with Richard Clapton and GIRLS ON THE AVENUE. Here’s a clip of Rick performing live at the 2007 Countdown Spectacular Tour. He has got to be one of Australia’s most talented artists.

There is no way you can create an Australian playlist and leave out Paul Kelly. And we didn’t. I left the overplayed and obvious tracks alone and chose another of his that I really like, YOU’RE LOVIN’ IS ON MY MIND. Leah Flanagan was one of my picks for ‘best of’  the recent Mullumbimby Music Festival. Loving TYPSY TANGO which you can find on her 2008 album LEAH FLANAGAN BAND. Now I know that The Black Seeds are from New Zealand but that doesn’t stop me adopting them for today’s show (isn’t that we do with all talented Kiwis – they become instant honorary Aussies?). Their song COME TO ME is a great example of their funk/afrobeat/soul sound.

Cold Chisel were the only band to get two songs onto the list. And that’s because I couldn’t leave out what some think is THE Aussie rock song: KHE SANH. This clip is worth viewing just for the audience’s reaction. Chisel fans unite!

I missed Rose Tattoo when they performed in Byron Bay recently, but I hear they still know how to rock a room. So, my pick was ROCK N ROLL OUTLAW.

We closed the show with one of the best of the current crop of Australian talent and followed with one of our most enduring rock bands.  Little Birdy is a four piece group from Perth with Katy Steele on vocals. The song I chose was COME ON. Then it was the one and only AC/DC and IT’S A LONG WAY TO THE TOP. I’ve uploaded videos of AccaDacca before, so let’s take a look at Little Birdy:

This week all the kids, and the teachers, are back at school. So next week’s show is dedicated to them with all songs about SCHOOL. Got any suggestions? Drop me a line either on the blog or through the site. Love to hear from you.

Here’s this week’s playlist:

Sounds Of Then (This Is Australia) – Gangajang
Great Southern Land – Icehouse
Howzat – Sherbet
Flame Trees – Cold Chisel
Eagle Rock – Daddy Cool
Too Many Bridges – Archie Roach
E Dhumbala – Yilila
The Bottom Of The Lake – Tinpan Orange
Someday, Someday – Thirsty Merc
(I’m) Stranded – The Saints
Wedding Ring -The Easybeats
Most people I know think that I’m crazy – Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs
Down Under – Men At Work
What’s On Your Radio – The Living End
Science Fiction – The Divinyls
Let’s Get Funky – Beasts Of Bourbon
Don’t Dream Its Over – Crowded House
Girls on the Avenue – Richard Clapton
Half Mast – Empire Of The Sun
Your Lovin’ Is On My Mind – Paul Kelly
Come To Me – The Black Seeds
Typsy Tango – Leah Flanagan
Khe Sanh – Cold Chisel
Rock’n’Roll Outlaw – Rose Tattoo
Come On – Little Birdy
Its A Long Way To The Top – AC/DC
Next week: School

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archie-roachWhen it comes to songwriting and singing, no-one in the country, (with the exception of Kev Carmody), comes within co-oee of Archie Roach in expressing the suffering of Aboriginal Australia and the uphill battle of reconciliation.  So, for me, the track LITTLE BY LITTLE from the album Ruby, was a perfect opener for our ‘All Indigenous’ show.

Throughout the program we showcased an enormous variety of music: Everything from classic digderidoo, jazz, blues, country, pop, rock and hip-hop. The show really got moving with an amazing didgeridoo composition from four didg virtuosos: David Hudson, Alan Dargin, Matthew Doyle and Mark Atkins delivering the very sweet MOUTHPIECE from the Sounds of Gondwana album.  We followed that  with a track I never tire of, just because its so joyful:  Willcania Mob and  DOWN RIVER

Then it was the great Kev Carmody with FROM LITTLE THINGS BIG THINGS GROW. Kev co-wrote the song with Paul Kelly. Here’s a clip of Kev Carmody, John Butler and Paul Kelly performing From Little Things Big Things Grow at the Make Poverty History concert in Melbourne 2006.

I love Leah Flanagan. Her  TYPSY TANGO from the Making Waves compilation album is a corker. She has a great voice that she utilises for any genre from jazz to folk to latin and she’s also a multi-instrumentalist, moving between guitar, piano, and ukelele. And if you’re a regular listener to my show, you’ll know that I do have a soft spot for the ukelele!

The Warumpi Band had a huge hit with BLACKFELLA, WHITEFELLA. Here’s their promo-video for that single, taken from the 1987 album Go Bush.

We had a giveaway worth mentioning in the blog this week. Soundtracks and signed posters from the film  SAMSON & DELILAH. Directed by Warwick Thornton, the film recently won the Camera d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival. It’s about two Aboriginal kids in an isolated s4dcommunity in the Central Australian desert, who take off on a journey of survival. The film has been getting rave reviews from every major film critic in the country, so personally I can’t wait to see it.

We played a few songs from the soundtrack album that includes everything from Mexican love ballads by Ana Gabriel through to country classics from Charley Pride. And, of course, it also features some of our best Indigeneous performers. Tracks we played included WALPIRI WOMAN from the Teenage Band, WASTING YOUR LIFE from the Tableland Drifters and NIGHTBLINDNESS from Troy Cassar-Daley.

Ruby Hunter is an amazing performer in her own right and she also happens to be the life partner of Archie Roach and that makes them a dynamic duo.  She is a member of the Ngarrindieri tribe and often performs with Archie who she met at 16 while both were homeless teenagers. Check out the video for  LET MY CHILDREN BE.

Jimmy Little is an icon of the Australian music industry, so I had to include his version of UNDER THE MILKY WAY. Then Blue King Brown livened things up with COME AND CHECK YOUR HEAD.

Although Geoffrey Gurrumul has been around for a while, singing with Yothu Yindi and, most recently, with The Saltwater Band, his self-titled album has been an international sensation. I chose to play WIYATHUL during this show but all of the tracks from this album were worthy contenders. When I saw him perform at the Blues Fest he literally brought tears to the eyes of this tough old broad. Check this out:

The rain is back again in Byron, after a few sunny days, so the very lovely Christine Anu’s SUNSHINE ON A RAINY DAY was more than appropriate. And I wish I had a video of Seaman Dan singing BLUES ON A UKULELE; I’d love to see him perform that. Very cute.

Our token bit of hip-hop came from the Morganics with a tune called ALL U MOB.  This was followed by what has to be one of the most powerful Australian recordings ever: TREATY, by Yothu Yindi – a fantastic melding of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal cultures, both in the bands’s line-up and in the music they create. Have a look:

The Stiff Gins gave us a nice piece of pop with DRIVIN’ and then it was more didg from the masters of the genre –  David Hudson, Alan Dargin, Matthew Doyle and Mark Atkins. The track was DANCE THIS TIME AROUND.  And I absolutely loved ABUCA from Dubmarine, JAILANGURU PAKARNU from the Warumpi Band and JAH IS THE LIGHT from David Dow. Talk about a diverse line-up!

Drawing the show to a close, I went with Casey Donovan, (remember her from Australian Idol?) with a very personal song that she penned herself called HELP ME. Gorgeous. And we had just enough time to fit in Dan Sultan with MONEY. We’ll be seeing him next year in the film version of Bran Nue Dae. Can’t wait for that.

What an amazing array of talent. It was an absolute pleasure and a privilege to present today’s show.

Here’s the complete playlist for you:

Little by Little – Archie Roach

Mouthmusic – David Hudson, Alan Dargin, Matthew Doyle, Mark Atkins

Down River – Willcannia Mob

From Little Things Big Things Grow – Kev Carmody

Blackfella Whitefella – Warumpi Band

Typsy Tango  – Leah Flanagan

Walpiri Woman  – Lajamanu Teenage Band

Let My Childen Be – Ruby Hunter

Rain – Radical Son

Come And Check Your Head – Blue King Brown

Under the Milky Way – Jimmy Little

Wiyathul – Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu

Sunshine On A Rainy Day – Christine Anu

Blues on a Ukulele –  Seaman Dan

ALL U MOB  – Morganics feat. Wire, Stingray & Haille Suspicious

Treaty – Radio Mix – Yothu Yindi

Nightblindness – Troy Cassar-Dally

Drivin’ – Stiff Gins

Dance this time Around – David Hudson, Alan Dargin, Matthew Doyle, Mark Atkins

Wasting Your Life – The Tableland Drifters

Abuca – Dubmarine

Jah Is The Light  – David Dow

Jailanguru Pakarnu – The Warumpi Band

Help Me – Casey Donovan

Money – Dan Sultan

Next week’s show is on the OCEAN. Because we all like to be beside the seaside!

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Roy Orbison Darwin 1972And just in case you have been missing my usual inclusion of Roy Orbison in the show: here is Roy in Darwin in 1972, giving the didgeridoo a go.  Imagine him as part of the Yothu Yindi line-up. OMG!

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