solar_systemOur show this week acknowledged the  40th anniversary of the first landing on the moon and also the fact that it’s the International Year of Astronomy. So while I had intended to do a show simply on the moon, it seemed even more fitting to honour all kinds of celestial bodies, with the moon getting special consideration.  The show took off with the, now very famous, words of NEIL ARMSTRONG, 2001.previewas he first stepped onto the moon’s surface. Chasing closely behind was Deodata’s jazzy version of  THEME FROM 2001 A SPACE ODYSSEY. The groundbreaking film, directed by Stanley Kubrick, was shot in 1968, a year before that historical space flight and it continues to be regarded as one Kubrick’s finest.

Moving forward in time, we took a listen to REM’s MAN ON THE MOON from their 1992 album Automatic For The People, Feist with MY MOON MY MAN from the Reminder album and we finished the set with a Van Morrison classic: MOONDANCE. 

I’m not surprised that there was a fascination with space travel in the 70s and it was reflected most advantageously in the disco music of the era. Here’s a rare video of Boney M performing NIGHT FLIGHT TO VENUS and RASPUTIN. We only played NIGHT FLIGHT TO VENUS on the show but consider RASPUTIN a bonus for bloggers!

Also cashing in on the mid-70s vogue for all things spacey was soul keyboardist Dexter Wansel. We played  his funky disco track LIFE ON MARS. And making space travel sound incredibly light and whimsical, even to someone like me who suffers from a fear of flying, was Julie London singing a wonderful version of FLY ME TO THE MOON that I found on the Mad Men TV series soundtrack.  

One of my very favourite contemporary bands is Cowboy Junkies, so it was great to have an excuse to play their great version of Blue Moon,  BLUE MOON REVISITED.  And on a show that honours the moon, I couldn’t leave out Neil Young and I chose the classic track from the album of the same name: HARVEST MOON. Singing back-up: Linda Ronstadt, James Taylor, Nicollette Larsen, Astrid Young and Larry Cragg. Not a bad line-up! 

davidbowie_narrowweb__200x248Had a bit of fun including TV and movie theme music. The theme to Star Trek (The Enterprise) sequed beautifully into David Bowie’s song about a fictional astronaut lost in orbit in 1969. The song, of course, was SPACE ODDITY. Now 40 years later his son, Duncan Jones has directed a sci-fi feature film called ‘Moon’, starring Sam Rockwell and Kevin Spacey. Early reviews are positive and the film recently won Best New British Film at the prestigious Edinburgh Film Festival. One to look out for.  Here’s a treat for you: a teaser trailer from the film. After seeing this, I definitely want to see it. Sam Rockwell is amazing.

The fabulous George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic sang about the MOTHERSHIP CONNECTION and then it was Dinah Washington inviting us to join her in her rocket ship for DESTINATION MOON.  The Steve Miller Band contributed some classic rock with SPACE COWBOY and we finished the set with Peter Tosh singing all about OUTTA SPACE. Whew.

Word is that MGMT more than delivered at the recent Splendour in the Grass Festival so I had to include OF MOONS, BIRDS & MONSTERS in this show.

Warning! Warning! One of my guilty pleasures is the LOST IN SPACE TV SHOW, so I enjoyed listening to the theme again. Check out this short clip presenting the ‘new’ series Lost in Space to advertisers, before it officially aired. Far out! 

I only included one song about the sun in this show about Celestial Bodies because, let’s face it, the sun should be a topic all on its own.  The Pink Floyd track, SET THE CONTROLS FOR THE HEART OF THE SUN, fitted the Space Travel theme perfectly.

Muse’s SUPERMASSIVE BLACK HOLE is wild stuff. Love the song and love Matt Bellamy who has a great voice. Clearly influenced by Queen, but hey, what’s wrong with that? Check out the video clip:

We finished up with a song that was released in the very year that Neil Armstrong took that famous first step onto the moon: 1969.  The song? Creedence Clearwater Revival’s timeless BAD MOON RISING. This song is so good that Sonic Youth named an entire album after it! We also happily had time for some advice from the Monty Python crew singing the GALAXY SONG. There’s nothing like a bit of Monty Python to put everything into perspective.

Here’s the complete playlist:

Man’s First Walk on the Moon/Theme From 2001 Space Odyssey 5:07 Neil Armstrong/Deodata jazz instrumental 5
Man On The Moon (1992) 5:15 REM Automatic for the People Rock 8
My Moon My Man (2007) 3:48 Feist The Reminder Alternative 11
Moondance (1977) 4:36 Van Morrison Moondance Folk/Rock 10
Night flight to venus (1978) 5:14 Boney M The Magic of Boney M. Dance Pop 7
Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Words) 2:31 Julie London Mad Men: Music From The Series Vol. 1 (OST) Jazz 17
Under the Milky Way 4:58 The Church Donnie Darko Rock 6
Life On Mars (1976) 5:26 Dexter Wansel Life on Mars/What the Worlds Coming To Jazz Funk 8
Blue Moon Revisited (1988) 4:28 Cowboy Junkies Trinity Sessions Alternative 8
Spaceman 4:45 The Killers Day and Age Alternative 1
Harvest Moon 5:02 Neil Young Harvest Moon Folk 3
Star Trek Intro/Space Oddity 5:54 David Bowie The Best Of David Bowie 1969 Rock 3
Mothership Connection (Star Child) 6:13 George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic Greatest Hits (The Bomb) Funk 3
Destination Moon 2:34 Dinah Washingon Ultra-Lounge, Vol. 15: Wild, Cool & Swingin’ Too! Jazz
Space Cowboy 3:38 Steve Miller Band Greatest Hits 1974-1978 Classic Rock 3
Outta Space 3:27 Peter Tosh Reggae 1
Of Moons, Birds & Monsters 4:46 MGMT Oracular Spectacular Alternative 4
TV Themes – Lost in Space (1967 tv theme) 0:59 4
The Stars 3:51 Patrick Wolf The Magic Position Folktronica 5
These Lights Are Meaningful 4:03 Adem Love and Other Planets Nu-Folk 4
Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun 5:19 Pink Floyd A Saucerful of Secrets Rock
Galaxy (1977) 4:37 War Galaxy Funk/Disco 4
Supermassive Black Hole 3:29 Muse Triple J 14 World 1
Bad Moon Rising (1969) 2:20 Creedence Clearwater Revival Billboard Top 100 Of 1969 Rock 10
Galaxy Song 2:44 Monty Python Monty Python Sings Comedy 2Man’s First Walk on the Moon/Theme From 2001 Space Odyssey – Neil Armstrong/Deodata Man On The Moon – REM
Neil Armstrong speech
2001 A Space Odyssey Theme – Deodata
Man on the Moon – REM
My Moon My Man – Feist
Moondance  – Van Morrison
Night Flight to Venus – Boney M
Fly Me To The Moon – Julie London
Under the Milky Way – The Church
Life On Mars – Dexter Wansel
Blue Moon Revisited – Cowboy Junkies
Spaceman – The Killers
Harvest Moon – Neil Young
Star Trek Intro/Space Oddity – David Bowie
Mothership Connection (Star Child) – George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic
Destination Moon – Dinah Washingon
Space Cowboy – Steve Miller Band
Outta Space – Peter Tosh
Of Moons, Birds & Monsters – MGMT
Lost in Space (1967 TV theme)
The Stars – Patrick Wolf
These Lights Are Meaningful – Adem
Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun – Pink Floyd
Galaxy – War
Supermassive Black Hole – Muse
Bad Moon Rising – Creedence Clearwater Revival
Galaxy Song – Monty Python
Next week its DAYS OF THE WEEK. Suggestions always welcome.
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