radio iconWhat I love about radio is the notion that while I’m listening to a song, whether its old or new, there are thousands of other listeners out there having the same experience. We probably don’t know each other but we’re connected on an intimate level.

So this week at the Theme Park we honoured RADIO. I reckon that most of the great radio songs were recorded when radio ruled supreme, (you know, way back then).  As one of my favourite New Zealand bands, Everclear, note: There was no VCR or DVD or World Wide Web dominating our attention and radio played a really important part in people’s lives. Even though the role of radio may be somewhat diminished today, one thing’s for sure: video did not kill the radio star! And as I was the one in charge, I allowed the Buggles to have their say, anyway.

The Ramones  opened the show with DO YOU REMEMBER ROCK N ROLL. We kept the nostalgia and  the party going with a great trio of oldies:  THOSE DJ SHOWS was written by the one and only Smokey Robinson for Patrice Holloway;  Sam Cooke sang WE’RE HAVING A PARTY and Chuck Berry told us that he loved listening to ROLL OVER BEETHOVEN on his radio. The Ramones were the precursors of punk and were incredibly influential. Take a look at them performing DO YOU REMEMBER ROCK N ROLL, live:

Everclear really appeal to me with their longing for the past on AM RADIO. The Selector offered up a nice piece of Ska revival with ON MY RADIO and then it was one for all the lovers tuning in. Regina Spektor’s  ON THE RADIO is spine-tingling stuff. The unlikely epiphany that takes place while she’s listening to Guns & Roses ‘November Rain’ on the radio is worth the price of the album Begin To Hope. This clip is from the Jonathon Ross Show, from the UK. A very funny guy, btw, worth catching his show as it is now screening in Australia.

The Buggles claimed that VIDEO KILLED THE RADIO STAR. Not true of course, we’re still here and going strong! LL COOL J knows that because, as he says,  he CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT MY RADIO.

Harry Chapin is the king of schmaltz and W.O.L.D is no exception. That one was dedicated to all the morning announcers at BayFM. Charlie Dore was a bit of a one-hit wonder with PILOT OF THE AIRWAVES and then it was the Patron Saint of BayFMs Theme Park, Roy Orbison, with HEARTBREAK RADIO from his King of Hearts album. 

Grandpa JonesThe Grandpa Jones track TURN YOUR RADIO ON, was recorded in the mid 60’s by Louis Marshall Jones.  He adopted his nickname Grandpa when he was performing at a radio station in the 30’s and an announcer told him that he was like a grouchy old grandpa first thing in the morning. The name stuck. Ah the power of the radio announcer. And then in complete contrast it was The Clash with THIS IS RADIO CLASH and Wall of Voodoo with MEXICAN RADIO.

What better way to follow a God-fearing classic, some timeless punk and a dose of new wave than with a cheeky number from the very eclectic Scissor Sisters? The song?  TITS ON THE RADIO. (Oops did I day that. Oh well. The Devil made me do it). 

Last WaltzThe Band and Van Morrison performed CARAVAN from the soundtrack to The Last Waltz. The documentary of The Band’s last concert in 1978 was filmed by Martin Scorsese and is considered one of the greatest concert films ever. And if you’ve never seen it, the DVD should be readily available. Highly recommended. 

Whatever happened to Autograph? Loved their 1984 hit, TURN UP THE RADIO.  That catchy bit of rock was followed by Elvis Costello bemoaning the corporate beast that is commercial radio with RADIO, RADIO and The Modern Lovers with ROADRUNNER.

Warren Zevon got a little help from Stevie Nicks with MOHAMMED’S RADIO and then it was Queen with the classic RADIO GA GA. The brilliant clip features scenes from Fritz Lang’s 1927 film MetropolisFreddie Mercury’s solo song ‘Love Kills’ was used in Giorgio Moroder’s  restored version of the film, and in exchange Queen were granted the rights to use footage from it in their ‘Radio Ga Ga’ video. However, Queen had to buy performance rights to the film from the communist East German government, which was the copyright holder at the time. Take a look:

I thought I’d go out on a rather melancholy note, just because its a beautiful song, and I do have a soft spot for the Carpenters: YESTERDAY ONCE MORE.

radio cartoonNext week get ready to Accentuate the Positive in a show dedicated to OPTIMISM! I went to a party the other night and this was a challenge put to me by my friend Susie D. So Susie, next week’s show is for you. Everyone else: Get your thinking caps on and send some suggestions. 

Meanwhile here is this week’s complete playlist:

Do You Remember Rock ‘N’ Roll Radio – The Ramones

Those DJ Shows – Patrice Holloway

We’re Having A Party – Sam Cooke

Roll Over Beethoven – Chuck Berry

AM Radio – Everclear

On My Radio – The Selector

On The Radio – Regina Spektor

Radio – The Corrs

Video Killed the Radio Star – The Buggles

i can’t live without my radio – LL Cool J

W.O.L.D. (Original Studio Version) – Harry Chapin

Pilot Of The Airwaves – Charlie Dore

On the Radio – Donna Summer

Turn Your Radio On – Grandpa Jones

This Is Radio Clash – The Clash

Mexican Radio – Wall of Voodoo

Tits On The Radio – Scissor Sisters

Caravan (live – The Last Waltz) – The Band & Van Morrison

You Turn Me On (I’m A Radio) (1972) – Joni Mitchell

FM (No Static At All) – Steely Dan

Radio Radio  – Elvis Costello

Roadrunner – The Modern Lovers

Turn Up The Radio – Autograph

Mohammed’s Radio – Warren Zevon (and Stevie Nicks)

Radio Ga Ga – Queen

Yesterday Once More – The Carpenters


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Do You Remember Rock ‘N’ Roll Radio 3:52 The Ramones Shrek OST Punk Rock 4 12/06/09 9:10 AM
Those DJ Shows 2:32 Patrice Holloway Theme Time Radio Hour with Your Host Bob Dylan (Disc 2) 60’s Soul Pop 5 12/06/09 9:24 AM
We’re Having A Party 2:27 Sam Cooke R&B 1 13/06/09 6:12 PM
Roll Over Beethoven 2:25 Chuck Berry Hits Of The 50s Rock 5 12/06/09 9:26 AM
AM Radio 3:56 Everclear Songs From An Amercian Movie AlternRock 7 12/06/09 9:30 AM
On My Radio 3:13 The Selector Ska revival 3 12/06/09 9:32 AM
On The Radio (2006) 3:22 Regina Spektor Begin To Hope Alternative 3 13/06/09 4:47 PM
Radio 4:51 The Corrs Pop 2 13/06/09 4:52 PM
Video Killed the Radio Star 4:11 The Buggles The Age of Plastic Alternative 1 13/06/09 6:25 PM
i can’t live without my radio 5:29 LL Cool J The Pitchfork 500 Rap 3 13/06/09 5:02 PM
WOLD (Original Studio Version) 5:16 Harry Chapin Country 4 13/06/09 5:07 PM
Pilot Of The Airwaves 3:20 Charlie Dore The 80’s Pop Explosion Pop 3 13/06/09 5:10 PM
Heartbreak Radio 2:59 Roy Orbison The Soul Of Rock And Roll (Box Set) Rock 3 13/06/09 5:13 PM
On the Radio 4:04 Donna Summer Endless Summer Soul and R&B
Turn Your Radio On 3:00 Grandpa Jones Theme Time Radio Hour with Your Host Bob Dylan Country 8 13/06/09 5:30 PM
This Is Radio Clash 4:10 The Clash Punk Rock 3 13/06/09 1:21 PM
Mexican Radio 4:10 Wall of Voodoo Call of the West Alternative 4 13/06/09 1:25 PM
Tits On The Radio 3:18 Scissor Sisters Sissor Sisters electro 2 13/06/09 1:39 PM
Caravan (live – The Last Waltz) 6:02 The Band & Van Morrison The Last Waltz Rock 1 11/06/09 6:55 PM
You Turn Me On (I’m A Radio) (1972) 2:40 Joni Mitchell Joni Mitchell Rock 7 13/06/09 1:54 PM
FM (No Static At All) 4:47 Steely Dan A Decade of Steely Dan Pop/Rock
Radio Radio 3:08 Elvis Costello The Very Best of Elvis Costello (1 of 2) Rock 5 13/06/09 5:17 PM
Roadrunner 4:06 The Modern Lovers Theme Time Radio Hour with Your Host Bob Dylan (Disc 2) Punk 5 13/06/09 1:44 PM
Turn Up The Radio 4:37 Autograph Sign in Please Rock
Mohammed’s Radio 3:40 Warren Zevon (and Stevie Nicks) Rock
Radio Ga Ga 5:43 Queen “Queen – The Platinum Collection: Greatest Hits I, II & III” Rock
Yesterday Once More 3:57 The Carpenters The Greatest Popsongs Of The Century Vol 1 Pop 1 13/06/09 5:22 P


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