operation10cI was challenged to do a show on Swines this week, but even I would have a hard time coming up with 30 odd songs about pigs. But with Swine Flu in the news, I get the connection with doctors and hospitals. So, time for a show that looks at the medical fraternity.

We opened with BAD CASE OF LOVING YOU from Robert Palmer, which was a bit of a cheat because the challenge was to  create a playlist that didn’t rely on just lovesickness. And you know I’m a girl who likes a challenge! So doctors, nurses, hospitals…. even TB got a look in!

One of the really interesting things about listening to songs about doctors is hearing how successive generations of musicians have dealt with the medical profession. A doctor’s surgery or hospital is unique because it can be the best or worst place in the world to be, depending on the circumstances. Think of babies being born in one ward, while someone is dying in another. 

250px-Louis_Armstrong_restoredST. JAMES INFIRMARY BLUES is one of the greats of American folksong, and Louis Armstrong – among many others – revisited the death of “his baby there” many, many times between 1928 and his own death in 1971. Eighty one years later, this song is still incredibly powerful and Armstrong’s version a stand-out.

Public Enemy couldn’t even get to the hospital, thanks to the hopeless ambulance service in the United States. “If your life is on the line,” they sing, “you’re dead today.” The song? 911 IS A JOKE. Check out the video clip:

Kraftwerk’s ELEKTRO KARDIOGRAMM begins with some compelling, yet creepy, sound effects (breathing apparatus, pulsating beats), but it really grows on you. Another interesting track was from the Eels – THE MEDICATION IS WEARING OFF from their album ‘Electro-Show Blues’.

Stepping back in time, 1968 to be exact, the Rolling Stones offered up  DEAR DOCTOR from their ‘68 album ‘Beggars Banquet’ and that was followed by Aretha Franklin’s version of DR. FEELGOOD

The White Stripes are just so prolific and their  GIRL YOU HAVE NO FAITH IN MEDICINE got the studio rocking, as did The New York Dolls’ with PILLS, where a visit to the hospital seems an almost festive occasion. Dreadful behaviour may have put them there, but happily (for them), the rock’n’roll nurse does a little more than just dispense pills.

Beatnik Filmstars came to my attention with a song called APETHETIC ENGLISH SWINE, which if I was doing a show about Swines, would be a sure-fire inclusion. The band is based in Bristol, England, and the song I included in this show was HOSPITAL WARD. These guys are special, as seen in this great clip, which appears to have a budget of about ten bucks. Excellent!

I never get sick of listening to Jackson Browne’s,  DOCTOR MY EYES, from his 1972 debut album Jackson Browne, and his first major hit. Or Gregory Isaacs, for that matter. It was the very sensual NIGHT NURSE that I included in this show. Death Cab for Cutie’s WHAT SARAH SAID is a brilliant study of death and the cruel absurdity of watching someone you love slip away while you stand amongst the vending machines and year-old magazines of a typical hospital.  A bit of pop trivia for you: the band took their name from the title of the song written by Neil Innes and Vivian Stanshall and performed by their group, the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, in the Beatles 1967 film Magical Mystery Tour. 

caseyThe early 60s saw the appearance of two successful doctor series on television. Both series began and ended in the same years, running from 1961 to 1966. The programs were Dr. Kildare and Ben Casey. So, it was fun to play the pop tune CALLIN’ DR CASEY that was written and performed by American singer-songwriter John D. Loudermilk in 1962. He is probably better known for the classic ‘Tobacco Road’.

Beres Hammand used his smokey voice to beg his baby to come back to him on  DOCTORS ORDERS and Doc Pomus entertained us with SEND FOR THE DOCTOR. Pomus had polio as a boy and got around on crutches. Due to post-polio syndrome, he eventually used a wheelchair. So, as well as calling himself ‘Doc’ he probably knew a little bit about the bona fide practitioners. John Lennon asserted that the Beatles song DR ROBERT was about him, because he was the one who carried the pills back then. OK.

Now as my loyal listeners know, I try to include a Roy Orbison song each week, and I’ve never failed to find a song of his to fit the weekly theme. Well I nearly 200px-Fastest_guitar_alivecame unstuck this week until at the last minute I fell upon a rare film, shot in 1967, called ‘The Fastest Guitar Alive’. Starring Roy Orbison in his only starring role as an actor, it’s a musical western set near the end of the American Civil War with Orbison portraying a Southern Spy with a bullet-shooting guitar given the task of robbing gold bullion from the United States Mint in San Francisco, in order to help finance the confederacy’s war effort. The poster is a doozy: “Roy Orbison on the screen at last as a Singin’… Shootin’ Son of a gun”, it screams. It would definitely be a collectible today and I would love to get hold of it, or the movie. Anyway…. The soundtrack from the film features music from Roy Orbison and Hank Williams and this is where I found this week’s song: MEDICINE MAN. I agree its not his finest moment, but hey, it’s a theme show, not the ‘best of’’!

To make up for it I followed with a great song by Ry Cooder “How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live?” which could have got me started on the state of the hospital system in this country and how the hell anyone without a substantial bank account can afford to get sick these days. But instead, I let Ry Cooder say it for me. 

Dinah WashingtonAnd then it was the fabulous Dinah Washington with her risqué jazz tune, LONG JOHN BLUES, about a dentist who knows a thing or two about filling cavities. “You thrill me when you drill me”, sings Dinah. Gotta love a girl that looks after her dental hygiene.

A great set followed, with Graham Parker and the Rumour singing about their LADY DOCTOR, Steely Dan about DOCTOR WU and The Replacements pleading TAKE ME TO THE HOSPITAL.

Another great song, if a little lengthy, is Van Morrison’s T.B. SHEETS. The story, as told in the song, takes place in a hospital room where a young girl lies dying of tuberculosis and is visited by the storyteller. T.B. SHEETS was the opening song, and featured prominently, in the 1999 movie “Bringing Out the Dead”, directed by Martin Scorsese.  

Our final song was one that echoed one of my pet hates: SMOKERS OUTSIDE THE HOSPITAL DOORS, by The Editors. I’m sure you’ve seen it too…. patients, visitors, doctors, nurses ….. all lurking outside hospital doors, smoking! What are they thinking! 

I’m obviously getting way too serious here. So, next week a show that shouldn’t ruffle any feathers: Women’s Names. I promise to try and be a bit creative with this one. And just to keep things equal, Men’s Names the week after. So, if you have anything a bit out of left field for either show, send me a message!

Here’s this week’s complete playlist:

Doctor Clip 1 0:32 3 10/05/09 5:18 PM
Bad Case of Loving You (Doctor, Doctor) 3:10 Robert Palmer Secrets Rock Pop 9 10/05/09 5:21 PM
St. James Infirmary 4:46 Louis Armstrong Jazz 11 10/05/09 5:26 PM
911 Is A Joke 3:17 Public Enemy Greatest hits Rap/Hip Hop 9 10/05/09 5:29 PM
Elektro Kardiogramm 5:16 Kraftwerk Tour De France Soundtracks electro 3 10/05/09 5:34 PM
The Medication is Wearing Off 3:43 Eels Electro-Shock Blues Alternative 1 10/05/09 5:38 PM
Dear Doctor (1968) 3:21 Rolling Stones Beggars Banquet Rock 2 10/05/09 5:41 PM
Dr. Feelgood 3:19 Aretha Franklin Soul 2 10/05/09 5:44 PM
Pills 2:50 New York Dolls Punk 5 10/05/09 5:47 PM
Girl You Have No Faith In Medicine 3:16 The White Stripes Elephant Rock 3 10/05/09 5:50 PM
Doctor My Eyes 3:20 Jackson Browne The Next Voice You Hear: The Best of Jackson Browne Rock 7 10/05/09 5:54 PM
Hospital Ward 4:00 Beatnik Filmstars The Purple Fez 72 Club Social Indie 2 10/05/09 5:58 PM
Roses in the Hospital (1993) 5:03 Manic Street Preachers Gold Against the Soul Rock 2 10/05/09 6:03 PM
Night Nurse 4:01 Gregory Isaacs Night Nurse Reggae 7 10/05/09 6:07 PM
What Sarah Said 6:22 Death Cab For Cutie Plans Rock 2 10/05/09 6:15 PM
Doctor clip 2 0:14 11 10/05/09 6:18 PM
Callin’ Dr. Casey 2:37 John D. Loudermilk Pop 7 10/05/09 6:21 PM
Doctor Robert 2:15 The Beatles Revolver Pop 9 10/05/09 6:23 PM
Send For The Doctor 2:16 Doc Pomus The Chess Story 1947-1975 (1950-1951) (Disc 2) Blues 6 10/05/09 6:40 PM
Doctors Orders 3:57 Beres Hammond Jet Star Reggae Max Reggae 5 11/05/09 4:24 PM
Medicine Man 2:48 Roy Orbison The Fastest Guitar Alive and Your Cheatin Heart Country/soundtrack 5 10/05/09 6:47 PM
How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times And Live (1977) 6:34 Ry Cooder Show Time Blues/Roots 7 10/05/09 6:53 PM
Call The Doctor 2:26 J.J. Cale Naturally Blues 5 10/05/09 6:56 PM
Long John Blues 3:07 Dinah Washington Mad About The Boy Jazz 11 10/05/09 7:10 PM
Lady Doctor 2:43 Graham Parker & The Rumour The Parkerilla Rock 7 10/05/09 7:13 PM
Doctor Wu 3:53 Steely Dan Katy Lied Rock 8 10/05/09 7:17 PM
Take Me Down To The Hospital 3:47 Replacements Hootenanny Rock 6 10/05/09 7:21 PM
T.B. Sheets (1967) 9:39 Van Morrison T.B. Sheets Blues/Rock 1 9/05/09 10:22 PM
Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors 4:55 Editors An End Has A Start Indie 3 10/05/09 7:30 PM

Bad Case of Loving You (Doctor, Doctor) – Robert Palmer

St. James Infirmary – Louis Armstrong

911 Is A Joke – Public Enemy

Elektro Kardiogramm – Kraftwerk

The Medication is Wearing Off – Eels

Dear Doctor – Rolling Stones

Dr. Feelgood – Aretha Franklin

Pills – New York Dolls

Girl You Have No Faith In Medicine – The White Stripes

Doctor My Eyes – Jackson Browne

Hospital Ward – Beatnik Filmstars

Roses in the Hospital – Manic Street Preachers

Night Nurse – Gregory Isaacs

What Sarah Said – Death Cab For Cutie

Callin’ Dr. Casey – John D. Loudermilk

Doctor Robert – The Beatles

Send For The Doctor – Doc Pomus

Doctors Orders – Beres Hammond

Medicine Man – Roy Orbison

How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times And Live – Ry Cooder

Call The Doctor – J.J. Cale

Long John Blues – Dinah Washington

Lady Doctor – Graham Parker & The Rumour

Doctor Wu – Steely Dan

Take Me Down To The Hospital -Replacements

T.B. Sheets – Van Morrison

Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors – Editors

Next week: Women’s Names

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  1. Hi Lyn – love the show – a reaaall loT! Well done and now love the site now. Will try to come back and look at all the clips. I am a fan. Talk to ya later
    Michael Murray

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